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Lou Pasqualini

Richard Byard


Lou Pasqualini and Richard Byard have been working in partnership since 1985 and bring close to half a century of combined experience to the world of cabinetry and mill work with focus on design.  

They share a passion for the extraordinary and bring a unique vision to the industry that is expressed in interior design and space planning, decorating, and industrial design through co-inventing with manufacturers on the patent and patent pendng of new products.

Currently operating as design consultants, their projects with private clients range from humble lake front cottages, to the oceanfront properties and grand mansions of the rich and famous, and include kitchens, wine rooms, theaters, libraries, and more.

Although based near the city of Toronto, Canada, examples of their award winning work can be found throughout the United States, the Middle East, and both Western and Eastern Europe.  They have been published in numerous shelter magazine including Architectural Digest, Florida Design, Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home.

This brings the uncommon sophistication and international flair that distinguishes their work.



We actually plant a tree for each cabinet order over $5000. We plant it in your yard or your neighborhood in your name.

In so doing we give back together in our own little, but special way.

Wood is a wonderful resource because, unlike oil based products and metals, it is renewable.  

All of our wood and wood based products come from sustained yield suppliers.


**tree size restriction applies

**planting done by pasqualiniandbyard

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