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We thought it would be interesting to show you what a typical kitchen looks like before being transformed into another example of a hand painted beauty, and explain a little bit about the finishing process.  Here, a combination of solid wood and Medium density Fiber Board (MDF) has been used to make the parts to be finished.  It's not uncommon to use other materials like composite plaster products and even wood of mixed species and color to get to this point. What is used depends on availability and cost.  In the end, the paint blends it all together.  Usually, at this point, colors have been selected, but now is a great time to test and confirm the selections in the light of the actual space. Color can have such a powerful and even emotional impact, it's worth the investment of time and effort to get it right.  The sheen of the paint can also make a significant differnce on the intensity and expression of the color and should be carefully considered.  Water based, oil based and clay based paints each have a different impact on color and finish.W

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