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"Where can I find really good quality cabinetry with a beautiful style that suits my home, and is still affordable on my budget?"


Architectural Cabinetry by Pasqualini and Byard Ltd. has an answer that may just work perfectly for you. It's called site finishing.

Assembling cabinetry is extremely tedious and time consumung. Installing cabinetry takes experience and skill, but most of us can wield a paint brush and roller, and even have fun in the process.

The "Body", or interior, of our cabinetry comes already assembled and is finished with a hygienic and durable laminate.  Only the "Skin" or exposed parts like doors, panels and moldings have to be painted.  Doors and drawer fronts quickly detach to make the work easier.

By eliminating factory finishing and the associated labor, regulatory, marketing, sampling, and packaging expenses, costs decrease dramatically. Surprisingly, design flexibility, and long term product viability, actually increase substantially. Manufacturing is then reduced to machining and assembly.  This makes the large centralized factory, and the long distance distribution it requires, unnecessary, and makes way for smaller regional facilities that can service your neighborhood faster, greener and cheaper.

We focus on putting together the best cabinet and raw style package your money can buy, complete with high end hardware and accessories.  You direct the finish application.

Whatever your project calls for, Architectural Cabinetry  is equally at home in a humble basement apartment with a simple style and finish, or a grand mansion with ornate embellishments and professional faux painted artistry.


Architectural Cabinetry can take the wear and tear of a growing family and accomodate its changing needs through the years. Most modern household paints are non toxic, washable and durable.  Any nicks, scratches, or stubborn marks can be simply painted away.  So relax, there isn't any surface damage that can't be taken care of quickly and easily.

Even years after your new cabinetry has been installed, making room for a fabulous new appliance technology, adding more cabinetry, or even changing the entire cabinet layout, can be achieved with minimal cost and without the fear of being able to match the finish.  

Hand painted finished do develop, what some consider to be, a highly prized patina over time.  This can be preserved with a clear top coat, or if you're not into that look, refreshed to look like new with another coat of the original paint.  For the more adventurous, a bright new color may do the trick.



"Our cabinetry becomes a part of the interior architecture of the home as it is finished along with the window and door trim and other features like beams, wainscoting, stair details, and wall paneling.  That's why we call it Architectural Cabinetry."

Hand painted kitchens, wall units, library's, closets, vanities and other cabinet types, offer an alternative aesthetic to pre manufactured and factory finished cabinetry.  Some of the worlds most high end brands provide unfinished cabinetry to be painted on site exclusively.  Many leading decorators and designers choose the same approach.

Cabinetry that has been painted with the same brush stroke as that on the trim and millwork, automatically looks like it belongs, as if it has always been there, bringing a certain integrity that pre finished goods can't deliver.  After all, cabinetry is attached to, and becomes part of the walls and interior structure.

Artistic and faux painting can take this finishing process into another realm. Crafts like distressing, gilding and tole painting are among many of the opportunities to embellish cabinetry.  In this world, the palette and freedom to express something truly extraordinary is endless.

A French philosopher once said "Beauty is the promise of happiness". We look forward to the opportunity to deliver on that promise.


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